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What is Video Show?

Video Show is a feature that allows members to show their wonderful moments with their personalities to life.
Those who are interested in getting to know each other beyond online chat and mail can unlock and watch stunning videos with credits or free access keys requested from members.

How It Works?

Explore the videos
There are 2 ways to explore the stunning videos on CharmDate:
1) Explore all videos
You can explore all Video Shows uploaded by members by navigating to the "Video Show" page in the "Services" section.
2) View videos from a certain member
Open the member’s profile and you can see all of her videos in the "My Videos" section.
Watch the full length video
You can watch the free preview for certain seconds of each video. However if you want to watch the full video, here is the way to unlock the video:
1) Unlock with an access key
Click on the "Send Access Key Request" button under the video player to request a free access key from the member. Once the member decides to accept your request, she will send you back the access key which you are able to unlock the full video.
2) Unlock with your credits
If you don’t want to wait for the access key, you can also click on the "Watch Video Immediately" button to unlock the video immediately with credits.
Check Access Key Requests and Unlocked Videos
You can click the "Requested to View and Unlocked Videos" button on the top of the video list to check below information:
1) Check the access key requests
You can click on the "Access Key Requests" menu to check the requests, which including responded with the keys and pending members's response.
2) View the unlocked videos
Once the video is unlocked, will be stored in the "Unlocked Videos" section. You can watch the unlocked video for free for 7 days.
Adding a video to your favorite list
You can add a video to your favorite list when browsing the videos by clicking on the icon
After you done, you can check your favorite videos in "My Favorite Videos" section.

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