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Client Protection Policy

We hope to maintain good service order and protect the interest of all our members. Therefore, we have implemented a Client Protection Policy with guidelines for members to report disputes. For your protection, please read thoroughly below:
  1. For Your Own Protection
  2. Coverage of Client Protection
  3. Dispute Resolution Service


  1. Do not send money or expensive articles to members.
  2. Do not freely provide your contact information, credit / debit card or bank account details.
  3. We recommend using our online services such as Express Forwarding Mail (EMF) service, Chat, Call Service etc. Not only it will enhance mutual understanding, but because private correspondence or meetings may come with higher risks.
  4. Exchange more photographs with members during correspondence.
  5. Occasionally use our Call service for interactive communication with members.


    If unfortunately the abovementioned measures failed to protect you and which results in a dispute, our Protection and Dispute Resolution Service is here to assist.


    Pre-conditions : The subject matter of complaint took place in the course of our paid Services AND your pertinent Notice of Complaint sent to us no later than 90 days thereafter.

    Scope of Coverage

  1. A profile was posted on our Site without the authorization or knowledge of the person concerned.
  2. The individual with whom your communicated with is not what the corresponding member profile purports to be.
  3. Our services was perceived as defective in terms of quality or timely delivery.
  4. Those situations set out in our Refund Policy.
  5. Computing technical issues arising from our Sites or Services.

    Cover not Available / Out of Scope

  1. 90 days had expired since date of the alleged subject matter of complaint.
  2. Complainant had not been in communication with the Respondent through our paid Services for more than 90 days.
  3. Complainant expressly repudiated his agreement to our Terms of Use, applicable Policies or Procedures.
  4. Nature of complaint not capable of rectification by us, namely :

    A. the eventual outcome of your communication with the Respondent

    B. the perceived attitude or inclination of further communication with the Complainant, as displayed by the Respondent

  5. Respondent’s misbehavior as alleged is exclusively a matter of contravention of relevant national laws and regulations, including but not limited to pornography, deceit, theft.
  6. Notwithstanding the above, for the protection of all members concerned including your goodself, we welcome your notification to us for reference.


Notice of Complaint

    If the subject matter of your complaint falls within the scope of this Policy as described hereinabove, we will assist in the following manner. Your Notice of Complaint to us shall be in writing, taking note of:

  1. Dissatisfaction with Service Quality – We require your evidence in support such as the relevant screen shots, photographs, webpages, video clips etc. These evidence will enable our speedy identification of the cause(s) of your dissatisfaction and provide solution(s) thereto.
  2. Dissatisfaction with Authenticity of Member Profile / Identity – We require your evidence pointing to the denial and/or unauthorized publication of non-member’s profile on our Site, together with the relevant screen shots, photographs, webpages, video clips etc. Upon receipt of such kind of conclusive evidence, we will promptly adjudicate your Complaint with appropriate remedies.
  3. If, at the time of your Notice of Complaint, the relevant member’s profile had been removed from our Site, we will handle your Complaint in accordance with our Terms of Use.

    Attempts to Reach Settlement

  1. Our experience tells that misunderstanding / confusion arising from members’ communication is the prime cause of complaint, and which can often be settled amicably. In that aspect, we strongly encourage parties’ settlement in the interest of time, effort and mental distress.
  2. Upon receipt of your Notice of Complaint, we will refer the same to the Respondent who is required to file a written Response to you via us within 5 working days. Absent such a Response, the Respondent will be deemed to be at fault.
  3. Upon receipt of the Response, you as the Complainant will please re-assess the merits of the case before proceeding further. In the absence of your written Counter-Response (as described below) to us within 20 working days thereafter, the Complaint will be deemed withdrawn.

    Dispute Resolution Team

  1. In the unfortunate event your dissatisfaction remains unresolved, you may through a written Counter-Response request our Dispute Resolution Team (“DRT”) for a final decision. Your Counter-Response should contain submissions on fact and/or law why the Response failed to stand.
  2. The dispute resolution process will take a complete review of:

    - the parties’ communication through our Site;

    - those evidence already provided by both parties; and

    - additional materials as may be required by our DRT.

  3. With the Notice of Complaint, Response and Counter-Response, our DRT will reach and notify you the Adjudication of your Complaint within 5 working days. Such Adjudication may result in the member’s profile removed, penalty imposed on the relevant service provider, gratuitous payment or refund of Qpid Credit in your favour, or conversely your Complaint being dismissed.
  4. The Adjudication shall be final and binding on the relevant parties.


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