Dear gentleman members,

Our very Best Wishes for the Valentine’s Day in 2013. CharmingDate wish you and your beloved ones a happy, peaceful and romantic day over the early spring season.

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

This year, CharmingDate offers some creative and caring goodies appearing in the Gifts and Flowers page to spread a little cheer whilst you are wondering how to tell a heartfelt story to your ladies. We offer you opportunities to lavish her with luxurious flowers, sumptuous food and magic treats, which results with a grandiose hug...until she is defeated with your unconditional love. Above all, we hope that this day can make you remember what truly matters - love and relationships.

Although romantic gift can be one part of this day, it is certainly not the only part. This year, CharmingDate includes a discount to gentleman using Live Chat.From 9th February to 15th February (New York Time), you can get a 25% discount when you use Live Chat for every 20 minutes:

New York Time: 23:00-03:00 (GMT-5) (start from 9th February)
Los Angeles Time: 20:00-00:00 (GMT-8) (start from 9th February)
Sydney Time: 15:00-19:00 (GMT+11) (start from 10th February)
London Time: 04:00-08:00 (GMT +0) (start from 10th February)

We hope that this small offer can help you. It takes only a few moments in a day, however, we believe that few moments can make all the difference in a person’s life.

Also we offer other services such as Love Call, EMF correspondence, etc. The options are endless. They are small ways you can let your ladies know how much they mean to you in a significant way.

Use Valentine’s Day as a reminder of the importance of cherishing your loved ones. - not just Valentine’s Day but every day. We hope that it is a reminder for us to pay attention to those we care about and take notice of the people in our life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!